Thursday, March 12

I Completely Forgot

I never told you all how date night went, did I? I decided to take myself a little bloggy vacation and left my poor readers hanging, just wondering what we saw and how we liked it. Sorry.

After extensive searching, I discovered we have four movie theaters in town. Two show first-run films (pretty much the same first run films), one shows second or third run films (as in, by the time they get to the $3.00 theater, they've already been released on DVD), and the other is an IMAX theater that's part of the science museum.

Since the movie I really wanted to see at the $3.00 show had no showtimes after 5:00, I decided we'd go to the cheaper of the two first-run theaters and see the only movie I was remotely interested in there: Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

Eh, it was pretty good. As good as I had expected from a movie called Paul Blart: Mall Cop and starring Kevin James. The story was kind of cute and it made me laugh. Adam felt that the running jokes about being overweight lasted entirely too long into the movie. I thought they did a disservice to people who actually have hypoglycemia (they show him continually eating sugary snacks). There was a bit of a plot twist toward the end and we disagreed whether it was a planned execution or simply an act of opportunism. It's not a film I'd pay to see money again, but if a friend was showing it for movie night, I might go.

Our original plan had been to have dinner after the movie, but the timing didn't work out very well. We'd had a late lunch, so we just went for coffee before the movie and shared a big bucket of popcorn for supper. Healthy? Well, no. Tasty? Oh, yeah!

We definitely need to do this again. Date night should not be only a twice-a-year experience!

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  1. Popcorn for supper is one of my favorite things. :)
    Glad you had fun!


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