Saturday, March 28

Happy Tuesday!

Oh, wait, that's right. It's Saturday out in the rest of the world, isn't it?

Well, today is Tuesday here. Because of Adam's new hours, our work week now starts on Friday, so Friday feels like Monday, Saturday seems like Tuesday, and so forth. It makes for some very confusing days. The one thing I really like about this schedule is that our "weekend" is in the middle of the week, during normal business hours. Making appointments to see the dentist or get an oil change so as not to take time off work couldn't be simpler. The grocery stores are rarely crowded on Thursday afternoon.

I've seen some downsides as well, though. For one, most social events are scheduled during Adam's working hours. For another, so are most church services. We'd already been struggling to find a church where we really seem to fit, and now we have one more hurdle in the process. Adam and I were talking about where we'd like to go to church this week. I told him, "It's times like this I really miss Willow Creek and their Thursday night family services."

I keep threatening to start our own house church. Whenever I do, though, Adam asks where we'd put the people. I figure we can fit 12 adults: 3 on the couch, 1 on the rocking chair, 1 on the desk chair, 4 on the dining room chairs, 2 on the piano bench, and 1 standing to lead. The children's program can meet in our daughter's bedroom. It could work.

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  1. mmm .. house churches can be pretty sweet. even in small spaces :) i'm for that idea! it sure could be lots of work .. but having Family to worship and learn and grow with .. pretty essential to staying healthy and maturing. so .. courage and hope and ideas to you!


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