Saturday, March 21

Luck o' the Irish?

If only this had happened a few days earlier ...

Lately our daughter has been getting into letters and reading. She'll call out the letters she sees printed on a book or magazine or advertising circular and ask what they spell. She's been vaguely interested in letters for a couple of months now, but I think she was really motivated by watching Akeela and the Bee a couple of weeks ago.

Once in a while, I'll spell words back to her, either one she knows (M-A-M-I-E, D-A-D-D-Y, etc.) or one I think she may be able to figure out. Last night we had pizza for dinner. After we'd eaten, she was looking at a paperback book I'd been reading. She started asking what the words on the cover spelled. I told her, then asked if she knew what word I was spelling: P-I-Z-Z-A.

Her immediate response?



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