Sunday, March 29

Daughter of Laughter

Today would have been my mom's 66th birthday. She died just three months after her 49th. Her first grandchild was born a month later.

When I think of my mom, I think of big dangley clip-on earrings. I think of painted fingernails and tea with honey. I remember homemade birthday cakes that she and my dad painstakingly decorated with their Wilton decorator set. Every Saturday night we had homemade pizzas. Each of us got to make our own with ground beef and onions or mushrooms and olives or just plain cheese, the way I still like my pizza best.

One of my favorite memories, though, is of Mom's famous giggle fits. Every once in a while, something would strike her funny bone and she'd start to laugh and laugh and laugh some more. It was infectious. We would all start laughing, too. Then the kids, my brother, sister, and I, would all gather around and sing-song together, "Mama's having a giggle fit. Mama's having a giggle fit." Usually, our teasing would just set off another new wave of uncontrollable laughter.

I often wonder what heaven is like, whether Mom can see us here on earth or maybe we're already there with her. In any case, I like to think of her in heaven just laughing and laughing and laughing, so much that we all can't help but join in with her.


  1. I'm very sorry for your loss and I'm glad you have such happy memories.

  2. What a neat lady she must have been!



  3. Oh, Amy - your mom sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing her with us. Much love to you.

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  5. I like these posts--they're short and pack an emotional punch. How sad to have lost her so young, I'm so sorry!

  6. Here is Mom's comment, edited for privacy:

    Oh, Amy! I'm so glad you enjoyed a mother you could laugh with, and I feel so sad that you lost her. What a crushing excruciatingly painful blow for a young teen. I pray your Good Shepherd continues the healing of that wound so it won't effect your parenting like my wounds effected mine. The Lord bless you and keep you and your precious [daughter]. Love, Mom (in-law)

  7. Sorry to have missed the anniversary.
    I know your Mom would be proud with the woman of God you have become! I'm so blessed to have you as a friend.

    Thank you Lord for the hope of heaven!

  8. I like this thought too.....heaven has got ot give us time to laugh for sure...otherwise it wouldn't be much of a heaven.


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