Monday, April 28

Eye "R" S

I'm beginning to realize something. I spend waaaaay more time on the IRS website than any sane woman should. Yeah, yeah, that's enough out of the Peanut Gallery. You are only allowed to give me grief if you actually know what the "Peanut Gallery" is. So there! Ha!

Now, where was I ... oh, yes, sanity and the IRS. Now that all the whooping and hollering has died down here since we got that nifty little notice in the mail, I've had a chance to think clearly enough to wonder, "Gee, just how much money will that be?"

If you are also wondering, head on over to the nifty little calculator the IRS has set up. Make sure you have a copy of your 2007 tax return handy--they'll have some specific questions that you might need to look up.

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