Sunday, April 27


There are a lot of different ways to complain about husbands. Probably at least as many ways to complain about wives, too, so I don't really want to go there. Instead, I'm going to borrow a phrase from my time in the South and brag on my husband!

I've mentioned before that Adam is a classically trained pianist. He also does a lot of musical theater. Well, he did a lot more before we were married and had a kid, but I digress.

Adam started last month as the music director for a local theater production of Little Shop of Horrors. He got this job seemingly out of the blue. Again. Since we've been together, he can't darken the doorway of a theater without getting himself a job offer. He's just that good.

As I mentioned, he did quite a bit of work with musicals before we were together. The year we dated, he didn't do any. Shortly after we got married, I saw a notice for a play I'd been wanting to see. It happened to be at a theater where he'd done several shows in the past. While we were there, we ran into a few of his former stage-mates (show-mates? what do you call people with whom you perform?). One directer even mentioned that he'd tried to get in touch with Adam for a production he was working on that fall, but he didn't have a current phone number.

Fast forward a couple of months: the first musical of the season is beginning rehearsals. The music director is going out of town and is looking for a vocal director to come in and teach the cast their parts. Adam is called. He swoops in and saves the day!

Okay, maybe it wasn't quite that dramatic, but still ....

Then there are some political issues between the music director and the owner of the theater. He is kicked off the show and told not to return. Only, he's supposed to be working on the next production as well.

Remember that director we'd run into in the spring? He called Adam and asked him to step in. Another job he got, just for showing up.

After our daughter was born, I asked Adam to cut down on his theater involvement as it required so much time away from home (often 4-5 nights a week for 4 months at a time). I knew he missed it, though, and I never figured it would be something he'd be away from forever. He didn't do any shows for about 2½ years.

The first of this year, he started working with an insurance provider as an independent contractor. One of the suggestions in starting to build your client base (in any business) is to call on everyone you know and find out who may be interested in the goods or services you can provide.

In putting together a list of possible contacts, Adam thought of a couple old theater buddies who owned their own businesses. He didn't have the number for one of them, so he made a call to the theater, asking for contact information.

Within a week, he got a call from the producer of Little Shop with yet another job offer.


  1. Well, you SHOULD be proud!

    It's obvious that your hubby is very highly esteemed amond his theatre buddies.

  2. Oh, Amy, I am most definitely interested in seeing that show - it's always been one of my favorite musicals! Will you make sure to let me know where and when tickets are available?

    Signing off from 'somewhere that's green,


  3. Yeah for bragging on your husband!! =0) You get big brownie points in my book.

  4. Didn't he work on that show before, when Dan Roche directed it? I saw it!

    How awesome that he can get back into theater now!



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