Thursday, December 14

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen ways I felt like a badmommy today

1·I was annoyed to hear my daughter awake after only 10 hours of sleep (usually she sleeps nearly 12).
2·I (unknowingly) left her in a messy diaper for at least half an hour after she'd had a bout of not-so-happy bowels upon waking up.
3·When I offered her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, she only nibbled, so I took it away and ate it myself.
4·That was the only protein I had until about 7:00pm (I'm hypoglycemic).
5·I put her down for a nap at 1:30 and let her play in her crib, not sleeping (but not fussing, either) until after 3:00.
6·I yelled at her when she pushed her finger into the Christmas cookies I was making and she broke one.
7·I yelled at her when she pounded on the computer table and knocked down the receipts I had in a pile ready to be entered into the checkbook.
8·I yelled at her when she started pulling papers out of a binder I needed for my meeting tonight.
9·I yelled at her various times when she got in my way, pulled my hair, tried to climb on me or otherwise acted like a normal 21-month-old.
10·I called her over to apologize for all the yelling and for a moment she looked scared to come close.
11·I didn't make any dinner for her (I let Daddy be in charge of dinner).
12·I didn't finish two of the five projects I set out to accomplish this morning.
13·And none of the five involved cleaning the house.

In all, we had a not-so-good day. I guess that doesn't really make me a badmommy, just a humanmommy.

Today, I failed. A lot.

Which is funny, because just last night I was having a conversation with God about how I really have trouble letting go when I do something wrong. Apparently, He decided to offer me a crash course today.

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  1. I'm sorry about your hectic day! I hope tomorrow is better.

    Have a great Friday and a great weekend!

  2. I cant imagine how you feel but I know she loves you..

    BTW< I loved all the sisterchick books...great reading

  3. I remember those days--my three are grown now, but there was a time when they were very little and two years apart. I yelled at them entirely too much and felt bad about it. Somehow, my daughter (36 now) swears she doesn't remember me ever yelling, but I did. They all three grew up to be very fine people--not perfect, mind you--but sweet and loving parents, themselves.

    I have decided that being a mother is the hardest thing I've ever done and also the most rewarding and most important. God will help you deal with these difficult days. If you temper those discipline moments with lots of hugs and times of tickling and laughing, she'll understand.

  4. Thanks, everyone for your encouraging words. Thanks especially, Judy! It's good to hear from someone who's been there and can say from standing on the other end of parenthood that your failures didn't ruin your kids. It's good to remember that.

  5. OH wow! Great minds think alike. Had to come read your "Turn in My Mommy License" Post :D after I saw you had read mine.
    Nice to meet you, Amy!
    God bless.

    PS...we'll do better tomorrow. :D LOL

  6. Sorry you had a rough day. Try not to be too hard on yourself.

    Thanks for coming by my blog and offering those suggestions about the pictures on blogger. I really appreciate the tips.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my list! I'm sorry you had a rough day too-I don't have any kids yet so no advice from me but I'm sure you're not a bad mommy at all! We all have days like that, with or without kids! ;)

  8. Yes, I think we all have those days...hopefully it'll get better for you!

    Happy TT!

  9. I think we've all had days like that! Our children are very much the refining fire for us mothers.
    If we were all perfect temper wise, and had a serene life, we would never be shaped by the refiner. Our battles, even the lost ones serve to chip away at our natural man and drive us to our knees.
    I hope tomorrow is filled with much grace.
    Jenny in Ca


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