Wednesday, December 13

Fluffy (uh...make that "Flaky") Post

I found great site set up to have silly fun for a good cause.

Go make a virtual snowflake over at Popular Front's Snowdays Page. Each snowflake created between now and the end of the year is equivalent to about .4¢ and for each 250,000 made, Popular Front will increase their donation to the Salvation Army by $1,000.00.

So get going and be a flake create a flurry today!

Check out one of mine while you're there, #3586223.

You can also click through to the site using the button on my sidebar. I will leave it up through the end of the year.


  1. I came across this site a couple weeks ago and was so addicted to it for a day or two. I loved it!!

    Your snowflake is very pretty!

  2. Thank you! Adam's addicted, too. We keep sending each other snowflake e-mails. It's all for a good cause, right?


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