Sunday, December 17

The Sickie

I'm having thoughts of Peter Falk, in his role as the grandfather in The Princess Bride.

The three of us have been experiencing various levels of yuckiness and exhaustion all week and this morning it seems like it would just be nice to have someone come over to read a story to me, just because I'm sick. I could cuddle down in the covers and drift in that lovely place between asleep and awake while still dreaming.

Actually, I think we all have or are getting or are getting over having the flu. Which means that place between awake and asleep, at the moment, is either too hot or too cold, uncomfortable in pretty much any position, and (at least in my case) whiny.


On that note, I should probably try to get some more sleep and see if I'm feeling up to going to church later today. Although, maybe it would be better for everybody else if we stayed home and kept our illness to ourselves!

Have a blessed Sunday, and may sickness stay far from your homes.

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  1. hope you feel better soon! we've had a cold running through our house, I got it sat. Today (tues) I am feeling on the mend. Lots and lots of cold pills and sudefed to make it through tho.
    get some rest,



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