Thursday, December 7

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen highs and lows of my week

1·It snowed! Now I can go out and play.
2·It snowed. Now we have to clear off the driveway and sidewalk.
3·We brought dinner to a family with a new baby and I got to hold her.
4·I filled out at least a dozen custom forms to mail five packages.
5·I got locked out at the post office while carrying three large boxes.
6·I discovered it's illegal to send nail polish through the mail.
7·At bedtime, my daughter lay down and let me cover her with a blanket.
8·She went to sleep without fussing.
9·I made hotel reservations for the out-of-state wedding of an old friend.
10·I figured out how to crochet mittens that match the scarf I'm making.
11·My meeting tonight is actually next week.
12·Adam broke out the peanut butter kisses I'd been saving.
13·I've had the opportunity to blog again.

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  1. Wow, what a varied collection. Speaking of crocheting, Baby E is still wearing the sweater you made her. I really love it! I'll have to post a photo for you soon. Thanks again.

  2. Sounds like a busy week! :) I hope to start crocheting again - I found a pattern online for sweaters for my Sphynx cat that I'd like to crochet.

    Happy T13. :)

  3. I hope you'll post photos of the mittens and scarf.

    My TT is up.

  4. SNOW!!!!
    I really wanna have snow here! But it's still quite warm. Hopefully we get snow for christmas!!!

    Hugs and Happy TT from Dortmund,

  5. That sounds like an interesting week! I had no idea it was illegal to send nail polish through the mail. Thanks for the heads up. Thanks for visiting my TT too and for the cookbook recommendation. I will check it out. Happy Thursday:)

  6. Nooooooooooo, I´m not jealous about the snow... Could you send some, please???

    Happy TT from Germany,

  7. You learn something new every day....can't send nail polish in the mail? Wow...I never knew that.
    Happy TT.

  8. good list! you sound busy this week. Would love to see pictures of the mittens when you are done.


  9. Sounds like fun to be able to crochet mittens and a scarf!!

    The snow sounds like alot of fun too!

  10. How dare a man get your peanut butter cups that you have been saving!


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