Friday, December 15

"Approved Unto God"

Special thanks to Judy Callarman who's comment inspired this post.

I often have an idea about what I want to say. Maybe God's been teaching me something that I really want to share. Or He's been trying to teach me something and I don't want to learn, so I'd rather talk about it and get some sympathy. And sometimes I just have some churned up feelings inside that seem to be fighting each other and the only way they get resolved is for me to sit down and write them out until they make sense.

But I hadn't thought of it as much of a spiritual discipline. And I've certainly been a mite surprised everytime I've gotten a comment or e-mail about how something I've said has touched someone else's life. But maybe that shouldn't be so surprising.

Today's reading from My Utmost for His Highest is all about working out what you have to say in order for God to bless others through your words. Go ahead and read it. I'll wait here.

Finished? Wasn't it great? Didn't it totally seem to speak right to bloggers, even though the Rev. Chambers lived in a world where blogging was as unimaginable as...well, something I don't have any words for because I cannot even imagine it.

It's just like he says, "Struggle to re-express some truth of God to yourself, and God will use that expression to someone else." God really does work in mysterious ways sometimes. Who else would use the words of a man who died 89 years ago to speak straight to my heart this afternoon?

So, thank you to all of you who work and struggle to get the words God has given you out there so that I can read them. Even when you may not think you have much of great value to say, it may still be just what someone like me needs to hear.


  1. Amy, I really liked this post. The church we attend practices this, after the communion meeting, where we also sing and pray we have a second meeting where everyone is encouraged to share what from God's word this week has touched them, what have they learned. We all use the same devotional to keep to a subject. God's word is living, and when we speak His word, we are speaking Him and our listeners are benefited as well as we, ourselves for speaking it. God's word is an active word. Also, as a homeschooler, I see the benefits of this through the homeschool practice of "narration" with our children. What my children can speak back in their own words truly belongs to us.
    I struggle with sharing in public, I have found that blogging my thoughts helps me to prepare what I need to share and prepares me to speak. Many of my posts on bible passages are my writing out what I wanted to share on Sunday.

    thanks for sharing, Oswald Chambers is one of my favorite writers.
    Jenny in Ca

  2. Thanks for sharing that awesome quote! I keep a copy of MUFHH in the bathroom but don't read it daily, and I don't remember ever reading that quote. It IS an excellent one for encouraging writers--even us humble bloggers!


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