Friday, December 8

Crochet Pix

Several people commented that they wanted to see photos of the scarf and mittens I crocheted. Since I'm not up for working on the in-depth spiritual post I started yesterday, I thought I'd just post those.

Here is a photo of the set. The scarf is about four feet long and the mittens are big enough to fit my hands, but also Adam's hands (which are considerably larger). I made them for a friend who did some babysitting for us a few weeks ago. The scarf is payment-in-kind for the sitting. She also celebrated her birthday recently and I told her I'd make her choice of a matching hat or mittens. She chose the mittens, which I was kind of excited about, since I'd never done mittens before.

For those of you who are into such things, I thought you might appreciate a detail of the fabric, as well, so here it is.

Both the scarf and the mittens are double crochet throughout (with the exception of the thumb joining) and made with Yarn Bee Fleece Lite in Quartz.


  1. really beautiful scarf! I have no abilities to do something like that. none.

    I know what you mean by the deep posts, it takes a lot of thought and time to write those, and usually the kids are trying to talk to me every 5 minutes...that is why the deep posts on my blog are few and far between. it's much easier to write about the everyday, lite stuff.
    cant's wait to see what you've got cooking.

    Jenny in Ca

  2. Thanks, Jenny. I didn't really learn to crochet until a couple of years ago (well, more like five or six now, I guess). My mom had tried to teach me as a kid, but I really didn't "get" it until I was an adult.


  3. Same here Amy. Mom tried to teach me to crochet as a child and I never could get past a chain. then 2 winters ago, I decided to get a book, hook, & yarn and off I went.

    Though I have to say, I'm jealous. Those look great!

  4. Amy -

    How beautiful! Would you mind sharing the patterns?


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