Tuesday, July 14

Why I Have the Bestest Husband in the World

This week my daughter and I are participating in her very first vacation Bible school experience. While I'm there, I'm helping entertain the other volunteers' children who are too young for the program.

Both last night and the night before, I went to bed a little late. It wouldn't have been too bad, but for the fact that both mornings after, I woke up while it was still dark outside (only about four hours later) and could NOT get back to sleep.


Because some manic morning person scheduled the VBS program for 8:30 AM, I haven't had the opportunity to sleep until my usual 9:00 (or later).

Yesterday, Adam had to leave for work as soon as we'd gotten home, so I had no opportunity to nap. By the time bedtime came, I'd been up so long that I was overtired. Just like a cranky toddler, I was whiny and emotional, but not feeling sleepy.

This morning, as part of his new Sunday-mornings-off schedule (can I hear an "Amen!"), he worked while we were at VBS, then came by to pick us up afterwords. As soon as we got home, Adam sent me to bed and let me sleep for three hours. Then when I finally woke up, but still had a headache, he made me a strawberry smoothie.

Isn't he wonderful?

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