Thursday, July 2

My Overthinking Process

Now that we have a new little Gray on the way (hey, that rhymes!), I thought it would be appropriate to go ahead and name my daughter on the blog. Since I don't want to use her actual name, I thought I'd come up with a nice pseudonym for her.

I tried to figure out what sort of name I'd want to give her, whether it would have any connection to her real name, and if so, what? After brainstorming and discarding a dozen names, I decided to choose a name that had a similar meaning to my daughter's name.

As we have several baby-naming books handy (I've discovered I own three of them), I flipped through and looked at some of the names. I picked out one I particularly liked. It fit with the meaning of my daughter's name, and I had some nickname options. I love nicknames. It was all decided. I would call my daughter "Lucia" or "Lucie" for short. I was happy with my decision, until I had this sudden brainstorm ... I wondered what my daughter thought about this name. I asked her.

I: Do you like the name Lucie?
She: No.
I: You don't think that's a pretty name?
She: No.
I: So, you wouldn't like it if I called you "Lucie" for pretend on my blog?
She: No.
I: Oh. (pause) What name do you like?
She: (mumbles a name)
I: Callie?
She: No! Khalil, from Jonah.
I: Oh.
She: You can call me Khalil for pretend on your blog.
I: Hmmm ...

I'm not really sure I can do that. Maybe I'll try another day and see what name she wants to be called then. Meanwhile, I guess she's still nameless.

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  1. So good to hear your updates...first time I've been able to check in too long. Will write more soon. I miss you all!


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