Friday, July 31

Spam Recipes

A nice easy post for another busy day when we're all starting to feel sick again. Recently discovered e-mail gems from my spam folder.
  • Best Superbowl moments
  • Uhm, I think somebody's got their seasons mixed up.
  • Get yours new diploma today
  • Sure, as soon as you get "yours" grammar certificate.
  • Cartier will suit you best
  • Eh, I always thought of myself as a Tiffany girl.
  • Is this a real mail?
  • If you have to ask ...
  • Point me mistakes please
  • I'm not even sure where to start.
  • Were you ill?
  • You know, I was. But even then I didn't want whatever you're trying to get me to buy.
  • Let me clear everything.
  • Mm-hmmm, I just bet you will. Wait, I think I will instead.

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  1. Hmmm...maybe I should read some of my subject lines before I delete them. Yours gave me quite a laugh.


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