Wednesday, October 15

Works for Me: Furniture Catch

I figured it out! I figured it out!
With a pencil and a pad, I figured it out!

Well, okay, not quite. But I love the song, anyway. And I did figure something out that's bothered me for years. Maybe it will help you, too.

There is a catch on my desk chair that keeps it from tilting backward. I like to be able to sit back in that half-reclined position and think deep thoughts. I find it restful. Maybe it puts my brain in better alignment or something

In any case, my daughter likes to play with this chair and spin it around. She regularly sets off the catch mechanism and, until just recently, I've not known how to fix it.

But, I figured it out! (Have you caught on to that idea yet?)

The lever that controls the height of the chair twists to allow the seat up or down. It also slides in and out about ¼" and that is what controls the tilt.

So, now when I come back to my computer desk after my little one has been spinning and playing, I can lean back and ponder to my heart's content. Ahh.

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  1. I know longer have a swivel desk chair, as a SAHM, but good to know :)

  2. Glad to know it is so versatile. I have a lazy boy in front of my computer. Wish I had done it along time ago.

  3. Well, I don't have a chair like that to play with, but I know what you mean about finally figuring something out. It feels so good!


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