Monday, October 27

When the Nobel People Come Calling

I was thinking the other day as I shared about my unreal viral award, what would I do if I were offered a real award? Particularly one with money attached, like the million-dollar purse that comes with the Nobel Prizes. How would I spend a million dollars?

Well, first I'd give a bunch to the church (or is it the Church? to those people sharing God's love in practical ways with those in need). That would take care of the first two or three hundred thousand. After that I'd probably pay off debts for myself and my family. That's probably another $100,000 there, and I'd still have $600,000 to go.

I'd buy a house, I suppose, and a new car or two, bringing me down to about $300,000. After that, I think I would finance Adam's restaurant that he'd love to open, which would probably take up the rest.

How would you spend $1,000,000 if you had the chance?

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