Thursday, October 23

How to Transfer Documents in Three Days or Less

Day one:
  • Look up DMV online
  • After much searching, find forms for transferring license and registration documents
  • Print and fill out forms
  • Attempt to locate nearest DMV location; fail
  • Look up nearest DMV location through use of Google
  • Neglect to find hours of operation and location services

Day two:
  • Wake up early to get a good start on the day
  • Go to nearest DMV location
  • Discover DMV is closed
  • Agree with husband to return the following day

Day three:
  • Attempt to get up early to get a good start on the day; fail
  • Get to the DMV about 10:00 AM
  • Realize you wasted your time filling out the online forms as different forms are required when applying in person
  • Discover license and registration are two different departments and must be handled in two different locations
  • Fill out new forms with 98.8% of the same information
  • Wait to be called to the counter
  • Step up to the counter; find that you left your wallet at home
  • Grumble to yourself while your husband surrenders his out-of-state license
  • Wait while he answers the appropriate questions
  • Sit down again, waiting for his name to be called
  • Watch as he signs his name and has his photo taken
  • Wait for his license to be printed
  • Ask directions to the vehicle registration department
  • Stop home to pick up wallet
  • Visit a fast-food restaurant to wait out the anticipated "lunch rush" at the other location
  • Find new building; enter through wrong door
  • Redirect through correct door, following signs to driver's license office
  • Turn in completed application and wait for name to be called to surrender out-of-state license
  • Answer several questions, repeating information listed on the form
  • Sit back down, waiting for name to be called for photo-op
  • Wait ... watch two people who arrived after you pass through the photo and printing steps
  • Convince your daughter that she is not old enough to have her picture taken for a driver's license; compromise by offering to let her stand in front of your for your photo
  • Take photo; wait for license to print
  • Pick up license; be pleasantly surprised by the good likeness of the photo
  • Ask where to go in order to transfer the title; return to a previously passed-through part of the building
  • Wait in line for an open window
  • Step up to the window, discuss your application for title transfer with the clerk for several minutes
  • Offer a big sigh when the clerk informs you that you are in the wrong place; you live in a different county and must pay for your title transfer at the county seat
  • Drive 30 miles to yet another location
  • Discuss with your husband which of the buildings in the downtown block looks most like the place to go
  • Choose the wrong building
  • Cross the street to the right building
  • Try to enter through the wrong door
  • Walk around to the right door on the opposite side of the building
  • Step through a metal detector and allow your bag to be searched as you enter the county courthouse
  • Watch while your husband sets off the metal detector, but is told to go ahead with no further search
  • Step up to the treasurer's office area; wait for the next available clerk
  • Fill out affidavit to explain name change on title, as marriage certificate you brought is not acceptable proof of change
  • Complete application through questions and answers with the clerk
  • Learn that registration charges are based on age and weight of vehicles
  • Wait while she looks up the vehicle weight for your car, as that computer program is not responding
  • Write check for specified amount
  • Drive 30 miles back home, arriving at 4:00 PM
  • Collapse in quivering pile of exhaustion

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  1. Oh, I can so relate, Amy...I was just there yesterday!

    First I had to shower because my hair was disgusting and y'know, there's the picture. So that was an hour.

    Then I had to go to our new mechanic's to break open the broken glove box on our big van, because the registration is in there. Another half hour.

    Then there was horrible construction at a four way stop, with the DMV within eyesight, with only one lane at a time from each direction allowed through. Another 10 minutes.

    I arrived to discover that I didn't have an acceptable proof of residence...had to go home for a utility bill, going the long way round to avoid the construction...and return...then discovered that it didn't matter that I had spent hours and hours searching for titles, we still have to pay the title fee whether we have a title to transfer or not. Plus I had somehow left home with the registration for our camping trailer instead of our I still have to go back!



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