Wednesday, October 29

WFMW: Global Undo

Don't you wish there was an undo button for life? Something that you could push to take back the thoughtless comment that escaped your mouth or the impulse purchase that put you into overdraft in your checking account.

Well, I can't help you with that, but there is an undo command that you can use in e-mails or online forms or even blog posts and comments: CTRL+Z

Now, it won't get back the e-mail you accidentally sent to your boss, but if you were editing an e-mail and accidentally erased a big chunk, just press the Control key and the letter z (at the same time) and voilĂ , like magic, it's back.

In some instances, such as Blogger's post composer, you can undo several actions simply by repeating the keystrokes. In others, such as Notepad, you can only undo your last action and repeating the keystrokes only toggles undo and redo.

NOTE FOR MAC USERS: I don't use Mac, but I've read that the keystrokes for your operating system are CMD+Z. Anybody tried that?

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  1. I love tips like this! Thanks for sharing, it's going to be very helpful to me, lately I've lost a lot of stuff!


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