Thursday, January 17

Unexpected Hiatus

Sorry, folks. I haven't meant to be missing in action lately. I started writing regularly, ahead even, a week or two ago, but then my ISP started giving my trouble. It's been on the blink for about three weeks, flickering on and off at random, but this past week and a half it's been mostly off. When I have been able to get on line, I've needed to focus on the really important stuff, "Ooh, the connection is up, let's see if we have time to pay bills!" In any case, I plan to be back, so long as American Telephone & Troublesome lets me.

Note to anyone else using on-line bill pay: If you haven't already, please keep off-line and hard copy records of where to mail payments for your regular monthly bills. Next time your power goes out or your connection isn't available for several days, you'll be so glad you did.

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