Friday, January 18

Anybody Know ...

... how to make the space for imbedded images appear before the image itself loads?

I've noticed as I visit other people's blogs, especially those of you who tend to post a lot more pictures than I do, sometimes I'm scrolling down the page and the pictures are slowly loading, which keeps moving the text around. This has always bothered me. Then, I realized I have the same problem on my blog!

I have seen some sites where a box the same size as the loaded image appears immediately, so there is no shifting around of the text as it loads. I'm guessing it's not too difficult, if only one knows how to do it.

So, who knows how???

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  1. I'm not sure about Blogger, but I can tell you how to do it in HTML. In the "IMG" tag, just put the height and width of the image in as tag parameters. So, instead of simply:

    IMG SRC="pic.jpg"

    You might use:

    IMG SRC="pic.jpg" height=100 width=150

    If you're using Blogger's built-in stuff to display your images, though, then I'm not sure...


  2. Woohoo! Thanks, Mark.

    Now I just need to go back and set it up on all my pages--don't be holding your breath, everybody. :)

  3. Oh, Thank Goodness Mark had an answer, because I am No Help At All when it comes to questions containing the words "embedded" and such.

    Thanks for participating in Advice Forum Friday!


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