Friday, January 25

Advice Forum: Keeping Ice in the House

We don't have an automatic ice maker in our freezer, and I'm too cheap to buy ice in a bag, so we use the old-fashioned ice cube trays. And when I say "use," I'm speaking metaphorically, because I think they've only been in our freezer twice since we bought them. They did sit there for a loooong while, though, with one lonely little cube in the last mold.

So, since both Adam and I seem to be too juvenile to simply use up the last cube and refill the trays, does anybody have fun ideas on how to make a game of it?

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  1. Thanks for visiting. Wish I had a good thought for this delimma. However we do ice cubes the old fashioned way too!

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  3. I know what you mean....we have no ice trays for our frig, but I get tired of buying ice in a bag over and over again....I never thought I would miss ice....but here I am missing it ;)

  4. Pru, you crack me up! Unfortunately, you shared a piece of personal information in your comment, so I had to delete it (I really wish Blogger would let you edit!)

    Here's what she said:

    Well, one day-long story short-we accidentally broke the head off of Joseph out of a Nativity. Unbeknownst to me, Greg stole the head and kept it. I discovered it one day floating in ice in my water...

    So, all to say, you can always put things in the ice cubes that are funny. You can take turns coming up with things (preferably not gross things) that maybe form riddles or something that each of you have to figure out. It could be fun for [your daughter] too. :)

  5. I missed your question when you originally posted it, but I LOVE the idea of freezing something cute in the tray.

    Also, how about making it just another kitchen chore? When I was a kid, we had an ice bin in the freezer, and we emptied the trays every day whether we needed to or not. Every time you wash dishes, just dump the ice and re-fill the trays.


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