Thursday, January 24

Out of the Mouths of Babes

It's been a while since I shared any cute-kid stories, so I thought I'd blog about a few phrases my daughter has started using.

At two (almost three, now), she's really getting into the idea of possession. She's very interested in what belongs to her and what doesn't. Well, mostly just what does, and how to make sure that group includes everything she sees and desires.

When she starts to get a bit grabby, I remind her, "That is not yours." Lately she's begun to argue with me. In childhood confidence, she frowns and responds, "Yes. It is mines."

Then there are the times we tell her she's not able to do what she wants right at the moment the idea enters her head. "You're not allowed to do XYZ right now," we tell her. With all the indignation she can muster in her three-foot frame, she replies, "Yes, I'm ARE!"


  1. CUTE! I'm due to write me one of those too. Bantam2 is hilarious right now, lacking many initial consonants as he does...

    He says "Mines" too.


  2. How cute! I am about ready to have a contest on my blog soon relating to, what I like to call, "toddlerisms". I just love the way kids interpret things we say.


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