Sunday, May 27

Life, or Something Like It

I haven't written anything serious for quite a while. I've been thinking serious thoughts often, sometimes, too often, so writing has been a bit on an escape for me.

May has been hard. Adam's been dealing with some situations at work that made it appear he might soon be out of work. I wasn't sure what to feel about that. Ecstatic that the horrible stress of work would be over, but frightened that we wouldn't have a steady income.

Among the three of us, we've been sick for more than half the month. I don't think it's in the Bible, but sickness begets tiredness. Especially when you have to get up and go to work or take care of your household even though you're not feeling well.

I've also recognized in the past 10 days or so that I've been dealing with some depression. I'm not simply sick and tired, but overwhelmed and virtually bereft of motivation to get anything worthwhile accomplished.

And in addition to everything else, yesterday, I found out that my dad and stepmom are splitting up for good. This was not unexpected, they've been separated on-and-off for nine months. I'm just...sad. Disappointed. Wanting more or better things from them, for them.

Today I'm home from church again. That's the second time in four weeks. I was up for several hours overnight spending quality time with my bathroom spiders. Chicky and Moe are doing well. After Adam got up with our daughter, I was able to sleep for a good three hours. I'm feeling better, but craving noodles in chicken broth. That's what Mom used to make when I was sick. Isn't it funny how things that would normally cause us to turn up our noses sound so good when we're feeling down?


  1. Amy, I'm really sorry about all the difficult stuff you're going through.

  2. Big, big hugs. I hope things get better soon!


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