Monday, May 7

From the Sublime...

Our daughter has hit that scatological stage--nothing is more interesting to her than what comes out of her.

In other news, over the past few months she's started talking quite a bit more than she had been. She'll repeat just about anything we say, though sometimes she gets it wrong. She has trouble distinguishing, for example a "t" from a "p" at first. She usually catches on after a couple of tries, though.

Recently, she started saying, "Wuv ooh" (I love you) as we'd put her to bed at night or when we were leaving. Soon, she added to her vocabulary "wuv ooh, pooh" (I love you, too).

The other night she was feeling comical and she began having a little conversation with herself:

Wuv ooh, pee.
Wuv ooh, pooh!

Followed by bursts of hysterical laughter.

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