Thursday, May 31

Jumping on the Bandwagon

I've been hearing the buzz for months now about this great book that everybody had to read and how it would totally revolutionize our marriage.

Yeah, right.

Am I the only one who, the more glowing reports I hear about just how fabulous something is, the less I tend to believe it?

Well, I was at the bookstore tonight when I saw Love & Respect for 50% off. I decided to see what all the fuss is about.

I'm only on chapter three, but it really is a great book. I'll share more once I've finished it.


  1. Hey there :) (Just FYI this is my first blog comment ever.)I too have got this book, although I'd say we bought it 6 months to a year ago and hadn't heard anything about it at the time. We tried the workbook that goes with it, but found it a bit repetitive. THe book does seem to have a lot of really good, and when you think about it, sort of obvious (in that staring you in the face, but not seeing them sort of way), things to say and you have reminded me that I was thinking I'd just try to read the book sans workbook. Good to feel like I can stay connected to what is going on with you via blog :)

  2. have you read the five love languages? we got a lot out of that in our early marriage.

    oh and hi. i saw you on the lactivists blog and came on over.


  3. Wow, two newcomers! I'm honored.

    No, really.

    Joyce, you need to go leave a comment on your hubby's blog now. :) Don't want him feeling left out.

    Jenny Mae, I have read The 5 Love Languages. I've read the love languages of God and the one for kids, also. The original is actually on my list of 13 all-time favorite non-fiction books. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Amy,

    I received this book for Christmas along with a glowing recommendation...which made me not inclined to read it!

    So no, you're not the only one!

    But somehow, I'm thinking that if YOU like it, maybe I will too. It's a "consider the source" thing.

    Eager to hear what you think...



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