Thursday, May 24

I Want a Spa Holiday

Last night, as I lay in bed, finally feeling cool after a late evening shower, I was daydreaming a day at the spa for myself.

Imagine a 90-minute massage, followed by a nap on a breezy covered porch. Waking up to frozen frothy yumminess, perhaps a Strawberry Colada. Lunch is fresh, well-balanced, a symphony to the taste buds, and I don't have to cook it.

My afternoon consists of a full-body wrap that exfoliates and moisturizes, followed by a manicure, pedicure, and hair dressing. After all that pampering, what can I do but take another nap before dinner? This time, it's in a cloth hammock on the beach...maybe strung between two strong palm trees.


I fell asleep before I made it to dinner.

Doesn't that just sound wonderful. A week off? Total relaxation? No responsibilities? Sigh. Maybe next week.

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