Monday, February 5

Football and Updates

Yes, there is something sad about "your home team" (whether that's where you currently call home or not) losing and losing big. Congratulations to all the Colts fans out there. Your team did a much better job than ours did. Enjoy your bragging rights.

And to my home team, the Bears. You started out great! We were all cheering with that Devon Hester return in the opening seconds of the game. How exciting! But after that first quarter, everything sort of fizzled. Your play, our excitement.... Next year, let's make it back to the big BOWL and win, darn it.

Now, on to the updates, I promised.

About that job I was offered...I turned it down. Politely but firmly. After Adam was offered his new job, I realized the only reason I was considering taking it was because of the money. Now, with that need lessened, I had no desire to take the job, just a small fear of looking bad or being thought of poorly if I didn't accept. But, in the end, that wasn't a problem at all. In fact, I've actually been offered a completely different job with an organization I did some temp work for years and years ago. It's much more up my alley and a specified amount of work a few times a year. I'm probably going to accept that one, but I'm waiting for the answers to a few questions first.

I still haven't gotten the dvds I was working on to work yet. Thanks to my friend Mark (well, okay, mostly Adam's friend Mark) for all his advice. I may have to e-mail you for some additional pointers, since what I've been trying so far hasn't been successful. I haven't had the energy (or the level of tolerance for frustration) for the past several days, but I expect I'll start working on it again this week sometime.

As for my new year's new diet plan, it's not been going so well. Vegetables aren't much of a comfort food when they're not bathed in bread crumbs and deep fried. Actually, they're not much comfort then either, but they are yummy. I think part of my problem is motivation. I'm not sure how to motivate myself to accomplish something that I've never successfully completed before (though I've failed many times) and is going to take a very long time. Any diet ideas out there? How can I keep motivated when the going is slow? And what helped you get used to a new eating program without feeling deprived?

We're doing a bit better on the crib sheet front. It's still up and down, though--no pun intended. I got home from a day away this past week (I'll write more about that in another post) to find that our daughter had stripped off her clothes and diaper in her crib; relieved herself in, ah, solid form; then proceeded to smear it on her fingers, the sheets, and the sides of the crib. Yuck. Since then, however, she's kept her diaper on.


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  2. Hey Amy and Gabi--

    Check out this blog: Blest With Sons (its on my blogroll). In her sidebar she has a link to her weight-loss blog--she's been very successful with the South Beach diet, I believe. She has an honest and very encouraging personality.

    She has 2 sons with Asperger's too and we are just starting a group blog together (mostly her), for Christian parents of AS kids. I'll be doing an announcement post soon...just FYI, it's the same lady.

    I'm with you on the Bears, Amy; as I said on my blog--Et tu, Bruins?

    Glad about the job situation working out so well. What is the new job for Adam? Did I miss something?


  3. Gabi, I e-mailed you.

    Jeanne, Thanks for the tip, I'll check out her site.

    Adam got a new job a few weeks ago. He just started today. You may have missed it; I wrote about the day he was offered the job in a Thursday 13.

  4. You know, when one of my kids started doing the crib thing I decided it must be time to introduce the potty. Seriously. If they use the potty just before nap, there's much less likelihood of the smear happening.

    With AJ we actually used to leave the potty chair in the crib with her sometimes, because she'd want to sit and sit on it and turned it into a delaying tactic.

  5. Oh, I forgot to say that what she's doing can be a sign of potty readiness, too . . . she is obviously aware of her bodily functions and doesn't like being in a wet/dirty diaper.

    Maybe even she can't sleep knowing she needs to go to the bathroom. Baby E is like that. If she needs to go potty she will NOT go to sleep until after she has used the toilet or has had a diaper change and is clean and dry.

    On the bright side, being able to take off her clothes is a skill that will be really helpful whenever you do decide to have her start using the potty.

    As for the diet thing, I have had to do several strict diets cold-turkey for health reasons. Right now we're pretty limited because of Baby E's allergies. That's been forced; I just really didn't have any other options and the consequences were bad enough to make me stick to it.

    But one thing DH has done lately is making small changes . . . eating a salad instead of french fries at lunch, getting a small soda and filling it up once instead of getting 3 refills of the big gulp, getting the whole-grain bread instead of white, that sort of thing. He's starting to see changes in the way he feels and in his attitutes toward food, and that's exciting for us.


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