Wednesday, February 7

Works for Me: Virtual Valentines

I'm always on the look out for free gifts that are worth more than you pay for them. E-cards have long been the standard internet holiday greeting. Unfortunately, Valentine's Day seems to be a bit too much for to handle. So in an effort to cut down on the traffic to their site, I offer some alternatives for a unique virtual valentine.

Are you looking to share your love story? Make a virtual romance novel cover using a picture of you and your sweetheart. Take a look here. You can create your own title, write a tagline, and even choose what color it will be.

If you want to tell your sweetie just how sweet he (or she) is, say it with candy hearts! No, not those chalky ones they have on sale at the grocery store. Write your own message on a virtual candy heart at this site. Zero calories and no trans fat!

Sappy romantic gestures aren't your thing? No problem. Just check out the silliness here. Create your own "love poem" using a Mad Libs-type verse generator. Have your honey rolling on the floor laughing, or at least raising one eyebrow quizzically.

By far the coolest site I found, this one let's you create your own magic 3D images. You know, the ones that you have to cross your eyes to see? You can write messages or draw pictures. The site offers multiple brush sizes, a depth indicator, and color choices for your finished product. I should probably mention that this site is addictive. You've been warned.

If after all this, you'd still like to send virtual flowers, candy or the "traditional" e-card, there are numerous sites out there which offer them. Don't be restricted to the big guys. Take some time to search in order to find what suits you best (and your valentine will thank you when he--or she--can pick up your virtual gift on February 14th).

Find more tips on love this week at Rocks in My Dryer.


  1. These are so cute! I will try one or maybe a few!

  2. That was too fun! Thanks for all the great tips and links.

    Nikki ALL OUT Valentine's Day

  3. Thank you for all the great tips!

  4. Thanks for all the links! Happy Valentine's Day! =)

  5. These are great suggestions and fit right in my budget!

    Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by The Laundry Alternative!



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