Wednesday, February 21


Growing up, "lent" was nothing more to me than the past tense of the verb "loan." As I broadened my horizons, and met myself some Roman Catholics, I learned more about sooty smudges, the idea of giving something up, and how Lent is a season of preparation for Easter.

Since joining an Anglican church, however, I'm learning a lot more about Lent. I'll not offer a big long lecture on what lent means (I'm not really the person to do that lecture justice, anyway), but I will give you a paragraph or two about what it means to me.

Lent is the 40 days before Easter, not counting Sundays, which are apparently "feast days" and not intended for fasting. The idea about giving something up is really a way to focus your mind and body on Christ and His sacrifice for us. By giving up something little, we are able to understand just slightly what it was like for Him to give up everything. On a practical level, by giving up something that distracts us from God, even for a season, we have the opportunity to spend more time in communion with Him.

This year, after much consideration, I've decided to give up blogging for Lent. I will not only be signing off here for the next 6½ weeks, but I'll not be reading my usual blog-list either. Adam and I will be instituting Lenten Family Nights, when we will spend time together interacting with one another and participating in God's creation, rather than sitting on our tail ends, watching the TV or computer screen.

It will be tough for me to not visit with all of you, checking in on your lives and families and sharing the silly crazy fun (and sometimes serious) things going on in my life. But, after reflecting more on my last post, I think it is a good choice for this season and an excellent opportunity to "do" less and "be" more.

I pray everyone has a blessed Lent, and I'll see you again after Easter!


  1. Good Luck with it Amy! We will miss you.

    I too am Catholic but have never practiced it.

  2. hope your family nights have gone well, amy. this is noel, by the way. i changed to a new blog. it's in correspondence with the Chinese government guidelines because my friend, Katherine, reads it mostly. but feel free to browse or comment. i don't have much about how to raise chilluns but i do like to just write randomness, so check it out sometime. peace to you this Holy Week, see ya on the flip side!


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