Saturday, February 10

Showing Off Satchels

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I made a couple of satchels for my nieces. Ostensibly, they were for Christmas, but since Christmas was six weeks ago now and I'm just getting them into the mail, perhaps I should call them "Valentine's Day Gifts" instead.

There won't be any patterns posted for these particular items, since I began them before starting this blog and I wasn't keeping a record of my pattern. But I'm sharing the pictures just to taunt you (kidding, only kidding...).

Tunisian Satchel

This bag was worked in two main                      click photo for larger image
pieces, the body and the handle, both using tunisian stitch. I crocheted the button-hole tabs right onto the top flap once I'd sewn the body and strap together. Both yarns I used were left over from other projects and had long since lost their wrappers, so I can only say the maroon color is worsted weight acrylic and the camel color is a heavier yarn, also synthetic, but meant to resemble mohair.

Ribbed Satchel

I had tried a pattern once using this ribbed technique on the cuffs, but the description wasn't very clear and my project didn't turn out very well. Searching for something else entirely one day, I discovered this tutorial for working
around the posts in double crochet. So simple, yet so fabulous. This bag is worked all in one piece, since I hate to tie ends in. The ribbed pattern is created by two front-post dcs followed by two back-post dcs. The bottom, front flap, and corners are standard dcs. I used an entire skein of worsted weight acrylic for this bag. I lost the wrapper for this one too (or, more accurately, my daughter tore it off and threw it away) so I don't know the specifics of this yarn either, though I believe it's Red Heart Super Saver.


  1. Those are great! I'm jealous. I have along way to go before I can get that crafty with my crochet.

  2. I can knit reasonably well but have never learned to crochet. Every once in a while (like now) I'll see a crochet pattern that I'd love to try and think "D'oh!" I need to learn.


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