Saturday, September 19

My Daughter Is a Communist

That's the only explanation I can think of. She just doesn't believe that anything could possibly belong to anyone to such an extent that on her whim, she shouldn't have the right to take it, play with it, or destroy it.

The funny thing is, she seems to have a pretty good grasp on certain things belonging to only her ... it's simply the idea that someone else might have that same sense of ownership that she finds baffling.

"What's mine is mine," seems to be her motto, "and what's yours is mine, too."

Perhaps she's not a communist after all, but a tiny little authoritarian dictator-in-training.

Clearly we're on the wrong train.


  1. Oh...the human nature at work. Yes, we have a big task ahead of us to train this out of our children. To help them see the difference between their way and God's way. The difference between "all is mine" and "all is God's".

  2. Ferengi is a possibility, too. ("Ferengi rules of acquisition" is left as a Google exercise to the reader.)

  3. "My Daughter is a Space Alien!" Now that would have made a great post title. Thanks, Andy!

    Anna, I definitely agree that is the major task of parenting. I've often wondered whether folks who disagree with the idea that humans are inherently selfish simply never spent any great amount of time around children.


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