Friday, September 25

The Last Thing

I found this on a discussion board this evening.

What was the last thing you ...

ate? Plain french bread.

said? "What?"

drank? Water.

laughed about? "And Then My Six-Year-Old Had Her Tattoo Removed..."

touched (besides the keyboard/mouse)? The french bread.

cooked? Frozen egg rolls.

bought? Yarn.

cried about? Tim Hodge's CaringBridge journal entry for yesterday.

took a picture of? A bag I crocheted.

wrote? "A bag I crocheted."

gave as a gift? A crocheted cowboy hat and cowboy booties.

broke? The seal on the bag holding the French bread loaf.

fixed? The stapler.

washed? My hands.

turned off? The light in Rosi's bedroom.

read? Tim Hodge's CaringBridge journal.

watched? National Geographic Video's collection of snake clips.

changed? My mind.

threw away? An apple core.

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