Sunday, September 13

It Was a Record-Setting Game, Anyway

As you may have heard already, the Bears lost to the Packers tonight in the final seconds of the game. While I appreciate a contest that keeps your interest into the last two minutes, I must say, I like it a lot better when the team I'm rooting for actually wins.

The Bears' new QB Jay Cutler did set himself a new personal record; he threw a career-high 4 interceptions in a single game.

Whaddaya say, Jay? Maybe next week you could work on cracking one of your better records. Might I suggest most TD passes per game?

Really, how can they be expected to beat the reigning Superbowl champs when they couldn't even work up a win against their biggest rivals, who, incidentally, only won 6 games last season?

Maybe I should just give it up, become a baseball fan, and root for the Cubs instead.

Oh, wait, that wouldn't really improve my prospects, would it?

Well, here's to another season whose greatness is yet to be determined!

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