Saturday, June 27


The other night I was sitting on the couch with Adam. He took a look at my belly and told me I was getting rounder. Don't worry, I let him live.

In fact, today as I took my daughter out on a walk, I saw my reflection in a car window we passed. He's right. I do look rounder. I mentioned it out loud and my daughter asked what I meant.

I told her that Daddy saw the baby getting bigger and I'd just seen it, too. She stared intently at my midsection.

"I don't see the baby getting bigger," she told me. She sounded disappointed.

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  1. LOL at one point last month my husband was wishfully thinking I was pregnant and he looked over at me and asked if my pants were getting tight.. I let him live too... I had to reassure him that even if I was pregnant I wasn't remotely pregnant enough for my pants to be too tight... :)


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