Sunday, June 7

One of the Things I Forgot about Moving

Before this past fall, the last time I'd moved across the country was in 1999. In that time, I'd managed to forgot one of the basic tenets of moving to a new region: you'll spend the whole first year developing immunity to the local bugs.

Which is to say, we're sniffling and coughing here. Again. Sigh. We just got better from the last virus that was going around; I don't want to be sick again. Pooh.

I'm not prepared to deal with the coughing and sneezing and sleeplessness and whining and crying and moaning and complaining (and that's just me). I've also discovered that there's just nothing quite like not feeling your best while little people cling to you, inside and out. I just want to sit in a room all by myself for a couple of hours and not have to deal with anybody else.

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  1. I do pray you get some alone time soon!
    Praying for healing and rest and for a cooperative daughter!


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