Friday, June 19

The Days Are Long

I remember, once upon a time, when the days were so full of fun and excitement that I never wanted them to end. I remember when even the boring days were better than having to go to bed and be told to sleep! Really, I understand where my daughter is coming from. I mean, good grief, it's still light outside. I just wish that she could know a little of the other side, a bit of what it's like for me now. The days are full, that hasn't changed. But I spend most of them wishing I could hop into bed. I want someone to put me down for an afternoon nap every day. Not that my little one would put up with this--she hasn't even been willing to take her own naps since she was about 18 months old. And, especially on the boring days, I sure wish I could be sent to bed before the sun sets. Meanwhile, I better get some stuff done so I can go to bed.

Sweet dreams, everyone!

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