Friday, June 26

Neighbors Are Wonderful People

Yup, it's great to have neighbors. You can run over and borrow a cup of sugar (don't think I've ever done that), invite them to go for a swim (nope, not that either), and hang out with them on the sidewalk when the fire alarm goes off at quarter 'til midnight (this is the one I've done several times now). These are fun times, folks, let me tell you!

Well, not really that much fun. In fact, I really only found four real pluses in the latest situation.
  1. My daughter had woken up a few minutes before the alarm began, so while she was terrified, at least she wasn't terrified from a sound sleep.
  2. The torrential rain that had been falling just minutes earlier had lightened to a foggy mist by the time we'd gotten dressed and down the stairs.
  3. It wasn't freezing outside, like last time, at the end of December.
  4. And, probably the plusiest plus, but the one I thought of last, there wasn't actually a fire. Apparently a building in the next town over burned to the ground just recently after being struck by lightning.
In any case, we're all well, and the only residual damage is that my daughter is once again afraid of the fire alarm. At least it's not keeping her from sleeping, as she is right now. I think I'll go join her.


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