Wednesday, November 8

A Wonderful Present for My Birthday

Now that all the elections are over and done with and it's all been decided (at least "unofficially" by the AP and television networks), I can spend a moment talking about politics.

I should begin by saying, it was a great birthday present that after yesterday all those horrid negative mud-slinging opponent-bashing ads are off the air. Hooray!! Unfortunately, like a cancer, I know they are only in remission until the campaigning season begins for the next election. I give it a year, tops.

You should check out the post Ash wrote about a common sense approach to politics. He makes a good point about not needing to agree with a candidate on every single issue if you feel he or she is a person of integrity.

I really don't understand some people. I have heard talk about voting for this or that candidate because she's pro-life or he's against the legalization of marijuana. Since when does a single issue define a candidate or a race? And, are these people truly willing to vote for an unscrupulous person simply because he or she is willing to vote their way on this one issue?

Now, I do understand in many cases the issues seem cluster together. The pro-choice, affirmative action, universal insurance candidate against the pro-life, lower taxes, tightened border security candidate. But, I still wonder. What if you agree with a particular candidate on a number of issues and you respect him or her, yet, he's pro-life and you are pro-choice? Would you not vote for him because you disagree on that one issue?

And while I'm on my soapbox, who are these people who vote for a candidate because of his or her negative ads? As I have heard many times, the reason we keep seeing negative advertising is because they are effective in garnering votes. Maybe I'm just strange that way. The more negative ads I see from any given candidate, the less likely I am to vote for that person!

If you have thoughts on these issues, I invite you to share them in the comments. I really would like to better understand how others process this information and come to their decisions. (Thanks!)


  1. I think that often, there isn't a perfect candidate and you have to choose between the lesser of two evils!

    A simplistic answer, I know--but I'm tired. (Out too late on Election Night!)

  2. Hen,

    You party animal, you!


  3. yes, the whole process continues to amaze and disgust me. I don't understand the single issue thing either. During high school and college I worked in a christian bookstore- a whole lot of fun!-but I remember one election year when the republicans lost the governor race, and all the people coming to the bookstore were talking about how they couldn't vote for the republican because he wasn't totally pro-choice. I didn't understand, cause at least the republican would have been more likely to sign a parent consent law, or other laws in line with our wishes..the other candidate would not. we got the other canidate who was awful. I never understood throwing away a vote like that.

    have a good week,
    Jenny in Ca


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