Saturday, November 4

I've Been Quoted!

My friend writes the blog At A Hen's Pace. Recently she welcomed me to the blogosphere and stuck
    a big ole quote
from me in the middle of her post.

I feel important now. Let's not discuss that in too much depth, shall we?


  1. It's very cool that you were mentioned by a big time blogger. You are kind of a celebrity now, don't you know? I really like At a hen's pace blog, you are lucky to know her in real life.
    welcome to blogging!
    Jenny in Ca

  2. Oh my gosh. I'm a "big time blogger" now? That is too funny!

    But I totally know the feeling, Amy. Just once--or twice maybe--someone has linked to me, and it IS a nice honor!

    Welcome to the "big time'!



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