Thursday, November 23

Thursday Thirteen #7

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, I'll share:

Thirteen little things for which I am thankful

1·My daughter (who isn't even three feet tall yet)
2·Our lovely home
3·Double Stuf Oreo® Peanut Butter Creme (YUM!!)
4·Having my in-laws over for dinner (they live 10,000 miles away)
5·My paycheck
6·My car (especially with the price of gas again on the rise)
7·Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes
8·Our local petting zoo (just the right size for the preschool set)
9·Our spinet (given to us by friends and worth a lot more than free)
10·Channel 23 (think Nick@Nite® without the cable)
11·Baby-swapping evenings out
12·Disposable sippy cups (six to a package)
13·A holiday that requires us to stop and say "Thanks"

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!

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  1. I would love to have #11! I'm also very thankful for the internet and DVR!

  2. lol i have an overactive imagination...what the heck is baby swapping?

  3. Great list! One question: are you happy your inlaws are coming to dinner, or happy they live 10,000 miles away? Just kidding. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, and Happy TT!

  4. Hey! I have a similar 13. Go figure. I like your list. What was number 9? A spinet? I don't know what that is. Reply on mine if you like.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a great dinner with your in-laws :o)

  6. This is a great list. I love #6, since we just got a new vehicle.

    Check out my TT

  7. peanut butter double stuff? Where? where? Sounds great.

  8. Great list of blessings! Happy Thanksgiving and TT!

  9. Seems appropriate that we list all the things we are grateful for since it's that timeof theyear... but I think 13 is too little if we really sit down to count...

    Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Thursday

  10. that's a great list. You have a lot to be thankful for, and so do I! Happy Thanksgiving!
    My TT is about past life regression.

  11. Thank you all for visiting, in answer to your questions:

    Janet, Baby swapping just means we take their baby one night so they can go out and they take ours another night, so we can go out. Nothing sinister, I promise!

    DK, Can't I be happy for both?

    Karen, A spinet is a small piano. Maybe I should have linked in my original post.

    Scribbit, We bought the Oreos at SuperTarget.

    Wendy, True. But as this was a list for T13, so I stopped there.

  12. This is a wonderful list. I love the baby swapping idea. We do that here now, even though the girls are 12 and 8. There are a few families that take turns doing it. It's a wonderful way to get an evening out.

    Happy TT!

  13. #7! yes! i couldn't live without these!

  14. good list! And disposable sippy cups!!-when did this innovation happen?? My youngest is 4, guess I am out of the loop...
    Have a great Thanksgiving,
    Jenny in Ca

  15. I love to read all those peaceful list shown in this weeks TT. Yours is awesome!

    .•:*¨¨*:•Happy Thanksgiving•:*¨¨*:•.

    from Germany,


  16. Great list. I hope you remember it when things seem hard.

    Happy TT!

  17. Nice list, though Ive never heard of a spinet. And im gonna have to search now for Peanut Butter oreos, yummy

  18. I love those disposable sippy cups . . . they work better than the more expesive ones.

  19. I cant wait to babyswap..It will be a while I guess!


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