Friday, August 21

Help, My Baby Is Missing!

For the last month or so, the newest little Gray has been hanging out in a transverse position, that is, his head pointed toward one hip and his bum on the other. I'd gotten used to bumping into him whenever I leaned over the sink or tried to reach for something in the upper cupboards. On either side of my belly, I could feel a hard little skull or rear end. Periodically, I'd even give him a shove when it felt like he was trying to burrow out through my hip socket.

Earlier this week I went for a visit to my chiropractor. I hadn't had an adjustment in several weeks and I was starting to feel a little ... well, maladjusted, so to speak. I wasn't in too bad shape, but I figured I'd nip it in the bud before the discomfort I was feeling moved up to full-on pain.

The next morning, I suddenly realized I wasn't bumping into the baby very much. I poked around at my belly and found no little head on my hip. He seems to have turned himself vertex (or perhaps breech). He takes up so much less space this way, it's like he's just vanished!

I know there is still a baby in there, since he's wiggling and kicking, but I can't even tell which end is up anymore. I realize I have more belly than is strictly necessary, but, really, I didn't think there was enough extra space in there for a whole baby to hide!


  1. I have always wanted to give birth by osmosis. Maybe they've finally figured it out and tested it on you. :) No, seriously though...I hope all is well and the baby points the correct direction when the time to make his appearance comes.

  2. I love this post, Amy. It's so descriptive, and I loved being pregnant. Thanks for the memories :)


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