Monday, August 31


I finally found my stash of buttons. Unfortunately, it was after Rosi spilled a bottle of nail polish all over them. I'm trying to see how many can be salvaged. Meanwhile, I'd gone to Walmart the other night and I saw just the buttons I was looking for to finish up my new baby's new sweater.

Since I got it all done, I figured I could share another scan. I don't know that this one is any better quality than the last, but I'm pretending it looks a little better, anyway.

I also finished up another crochet project yesterday, but I have to save that one for another day because I need to give it to the recipient first! Soon, however, you'll get a chance to see a new crocheted set of ... something ... and a pattern for the cutest little ... items.


  1. The sweater looks beautiful. You did a great job on the scanning. i can even see the stitch detail.

  2. With the buttons, texture, and varied shade on the collar, I'm somehow reminded of a little sheep.

  3. the sweater looks great! congrats on your new bebe, by the way. sorry i've been so out of touch...with everything.


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