Tuesday, August 18

Frankly, I'd Prefer the Noise

Clearly I wasn't listening to the quiet well enough. I was taking my daily "alone time with God" this morning. Well, actually, I was checking my e-mail (God didn't send me one), but I was planning to read my Bible and stuff right after that. My daughter was in the living room watching a DVD on my computer. I thought that would be enough to keep her out of trouble.

I was wrong.

When the sound of silence finally penetrated my concentration, I realized I needed to go investigate. Sure enough, all was not well in the state of South Dakota. Specifically, as I left my room, I saw that my little darling had pulled the piano bench away from the piano and into the kitchen to allow her greater access to the upper cabinets.

Hoping she'd only wanted a cup, or something equally benign, I continued on to the computer table. There she sat, happily mixing half a jar of turmeric with what was left of a container of powdered egg whites (after she'd dumped the rest of them across the keyboard and mouse).

I admit it. I screamed. Loudly. Multiple times. Then I sent her to her bedroom. Where she's stayed ... mostly ... for the last half hour.

Thankfully, cleanup was not as difficult as I had imagined. I'd figured my keyboard was a goner for sure. Again. I've lost count, actually, but this is keyboard number six or seven since we got this computer in 2006. That means our rate of consumption is approximately two keyboards per year. I don't even want to think about the rate at which I have to replace my spices.

It's a darn good thing she's cute.


  1. Oh no. I agree. Noise is good when you have a preschooler in the house. Noise is definitely good.

  2. Oh Amy :( I promise, she'll out grow this stage...just in time for little brother or sister to take over!


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