Tuesday, February 5

World Nutella Day

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If you've never tried Nutella, you positively must. Celebrate World Nutella Day, try it today!

It's made by Ferrero, the same folks that brought us Ferrero Rocher, the tastiest chocolate candy on the market (in this blogger's humble opinion).

I was first introduced to Nutella after my sister had spent a summer in Germany, back in the early 80's. We had it on toasted bagels for breakfast. The whole family was sad when our jars ran out, because we couldn't yet find it here in the states. Thankfully, the Ferrero people got their act together and expanded their distribution, so it's now pretty widely available throughout the US. To find a shop near you that carries Nutella, visit their Store Locator.

One of my favorite dishes made with Nutella is chocolate blintzes. I can't give you a full recipe, because I mostly made it up on the spur of the moment one morning and didn't write it down. However, if you want to play for yourself, mix Nutella (maybe half a jar?) with cream cheese (I'd guess about 6-8 oz), and beat it with a fork until it starts to get a little fluffy. Fill and roll the crepes, bake them as per any standard cheese blintz recipe. As I recall, we served them with sliced strawberries. Ummy-yummy!


  1. Oh, now that sounds positively divine. I haven't tried Nutella but so many people sing its praises. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sorry that Walgreen's doesn't do Cannon!

  2. That sounds fabulous. I love Nutella. I discovered it while visiting friends in Ireland.

    Thanks for visiting over at my blog. Your recipes look so great, I'll definitely have to explore more!

    Jennifer at Joy of Frugal Living


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