Saturday, February 16

Happy Bir-bi-ba-choo!

Today is my daughter's third birthday. We had a big Teddy bear (indoor) picnic party planned for today. Then we got the flu.


We've rescheduled for next week.

But Daddy made cinnamon rolls for breakfast anyway.

<wavering grin>

Love and hugs to you, Birthday Girl!
I promise we'll celebrate with you better next Saturday.


  1. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl, and I hope you all feel better soon.

  2. oh, a flu on the birthday day, that stinks :( Hope you have a great time at the rescheduled party :)

  3. Awww, hugs and get well wishes to you all, and happy birthday to your little sweetie.

  4. Happy birthday!!! Hope you get better in time for next week's party. It must be yucky to be sick on your birthday.

  5. Hope your new party works out better than the first attempt!


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