Friday, February 8

Advice Forum: Keeping Up with the Messies

I pose this question to the bloggy universe: How do you keep your house clean with little ones trailing after you messing it up? My regular visitors may remember my discouraged post a few weeks ago, when I felt sure I'd never have a clean house. I checked out one website a commenter left, but it didn't seem like it would be especially useful at this point, since I need to learn how to manage my own house, not have someone come in and motivate my daughter for me.

Basically, it works out this way: Adam and I will get ourselves all motivated for a day (or a week--depending on how messy the house is to start with) and clean all up. Then we are usually pretty good and pick up after ourselves, and get our daughter to pick up before bedtime for a few days. Then our schedule is disrupted, or someone gets sick, or there's a big holiday, and suddenly another week has passed and the house is all messy again.

Anybody have some good ideas to get us through these transitional times?

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  1. Oh, Amy, I sympathize with you, I do.

    Unfortunately, I have much the same problem, and it's more my fault than the kids'. Routine and consistency work, and when they are disrupted, I'm in trouble. :>)

    Have you tried Lots of people swear by her, and I use a couple of her techniques.

    Also, when things have gone to crap, I find that something simple like making a list or schedule for my day and sticking to it will get me back on track quick, and is much more effective than beating myself up!

    Good luck, and thanks for participating in Advice Forum Friday!

  2. I was also going to suggest FlyLady. Her daily routines can be done in just minutes, and really help you keep up. :-)

  3. Amy

    When you find out the answer to this question, you can write a book and get rich! My house is a disaster and I only have myself to blame. Good luck!


  4. One quick note. It's Not .com. :)


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