Saturday, August 4

Birthday Party Time (again...)

Some of my regular readers (can I still call you that--even though I haven't been regularly writing?) may have noticed that I've kept the ducky "wishlist" logo up in my sidebar, even though my daughter's birthday is now many months past.

Actually, the originally scheduled party never happened. The birthday week ended up getting a little bit crazy here at our house and we decided it would be in the best interest of our sanity to postpone for a couple weeks. A "couple" has turned into 20-some, but we're finally back on.

We've decided to celebrate her half-birthday this year. This way, we can still have friends over and party hearty, but we don't have to wait for birthday #3. And, since she was born in February, we can do an indoor/outdoor party, which just isn't as easy when there's a foot of snow on the ground. Plus, we can splash around with all the ducky bath toys in our backyard blow-up pool. Definitely not as nice an option in the snow!

The ducky theme is still good, especially since plates and cups have already been purchased, I think we'll call this the "birthday party re-DUCKS" (hee hee hee).


  1. Any day is good for a party!
    My middle son's birthday is the day before my husband's and just a couple days past Christmas. A bit crazy! This year we celebrated on his birthday, but we had his party with school friends in May (school would've been out for a half birthday). Much less hectic!
    (I think I saw an email from you with pictures inside... I'm off to check it out...)


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