Saturday, August 4


I know, I know. Two posts in one day...what are you going to do with yourselves?

Really though, I was just checking out some of the updates I was doing today, and I noticed one post had a lot more comments on it than I had remembered reading. Sure enough, there were three or four there I'd never seen before.

I looked into my e-mail folder where the comment notices from Blogger are filed and I didn't have any of these comments. Hmmm.... A quick glance through the spam folder and I found half a dozen comments I never realized I'd gotten.

Apparently the various entities Google haven't been playing nicely with one another!

So, officially to everybody who's been commenting the last couple of weeks--THANK YOU!! I really appreciate your thoughts. As a writer, I often don't have any idea whether or not what I say means anything to anyone besides me. That's one of the nice things about blogging--it's really easy to tell somebody, "Hey, that was great!" or, "You know, I don't quite see it that way. Have you ever considered...." It's nice to know you're out there and still paying attention.

I guess from now on, I'll need to keep an eye on the spam folder to see if anything important has been misfiled among all the ads for cheap prescription drugs from other countries and pleas from soon-to-be exiled high-ranking officials in war-torn nations who want to borrow my bank account in order to launder some money.

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  1. Amy--

    You're welcome, and it's nice to see you back in the saddle!



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