Friday, August 31

Update Points

  • Last week Thursday (8/23) a huge line of storms moved through the area. Our next-door neighbor's house had a tree that was struck by lightning and there were a number of trees and limbs down, including many which caused damage. Thanks be to God, the only problem we had was loss of power for three days.
  • Because of the power outage (and the fact that when we lose power, we also lose water), the family spent three nights in a local hotel. Every time we have driven by said hotel since the storm, our daughter calls out, "'Otey. Baby otey. Go simming! Nee go poo'!" [Translation: Hotel. Baby's hotel. Go swimming! I need to go to the pool!]
  • With our house finally clean enough for company, we went whole hog and had people over for three separate occasions this week. Whew! What were we thinking? At least we're invited somewhere else to celebrate Labor Day.
  • Oh, yeah. We finally had that ducky birthday party. The cake didn't quite turn out how I'd been imagining. In fact, it turned into two cakes. You can click on the photos below to see larger images. I'm planning to write up a full description of all the pieces to post on my craft blog. I'll make a note of it when that's done.

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  1. Hi Amy,

    Glad you're back home and have power again!


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